Author Client Testimonials

What book author clients say about Nancy Quatrano:

"I was fortunate to have met Nancy at a Writer's Seminar earlier this year, just when I was ready for an editor for my just-completed novel. I agreed to her terms and was extremely satisfied with her work- timely, professional, creative, and she was always there to answer my questions, help when I needed it, and all in her friendly mannerism. Nancy will be my editor for my next book for sure." --Captain Les Levy, author of Vietnam to Sunrise

"Nancy…for an incredible final edit of this manuscript-your instincts were always spot-on."

Jeff Swesky, ghostwriter of Flight From Fear

"Thank you to my editor, Nancy Quatrano, who has an amazing capacity to understand where I am coming from."

Guinevere Edern, author of Among Other Edens

"Great job on content editing and done so quickly. I appreciate you!"

Sharon E. Buck, author of A Dose of Nice

Writer Workshop Feedback 

What attendees at "Editing for the Sale" workshop say:

"It was a really terrific talk. Thanks so much. Appreciate the time and effort you took to put this together."

Dianne Nerel Ell, author of The Exhibit, St. Augustine, Florida

"I had no idea there were different types of editors or that editing could make such a big difference in the success of a book. When I’m ready, I’ll definitely be looking for a professional editor."

Rob Micheals, writer, Palm Coast, Florida

"Nancy should be doing this workshop at the FWA conference. She’s fun, clear, and knows what she’s doing. I’ll be looking her up when I’m ready to go with my manuscript."

B.D. Randall, writer, Flagler Beach, Florida

What attendees at "Write it Right--Write it Tight" workshop say:

"She gives a fun, dynamic, and valuable presentation."

B. Mansbridge, of Mansbridge Editing and Transcription, St. Augustine, FL

"Nancy is animated, on target and incredibly knowledgeable. A fun and tempting presenter. I’m psyched! I wish she had been my mentor when I was writing/editing ads and business copy…. Bring her back again!"

Lynne McKay, St. Augustine, Florida

"Nancy has charisma. She has talent and makes me feel like I do too."

Dorothy G. Loop, Author, St. Augustine, Florida

"I thought the examples of “this way” or “that way” were effective. Thank you!"

Teresa Bruce, Orlando Florida Writers member

"Thanks, Nancy, for speaking on the complex fundamentals of writing. This craft can indeed be learned!"

Erwin Wunderlich, author of the When Cal Goes To series,

What attendees at "Backstory: When, How and How Many" workshop say:

"I learned [that] there are a lot of things affected by backstory and that too much is probably worse than not enough. I'm glad I attended this workshop because I learned a lot."

St. Augustine attendee

"Very knowledgeable. Clarified some concepts I knew. Taught me things I never thought of."

Dallas Gorham, FWA/MWA member

"Information was useful and professionally presented. I think it will be helpful to me in polishing my novels for publication."

JB, FWA Mt. Dora