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Whether you are a novelist who needs an editor or someone who wants to have a ghostwriter for their book, award-winning professional writer and content editor Nancy Quatrano can help you achieve your dreams.  As an editor and author of 21 books, Nancy is someone who “walks her talk.” She knows how to create the results you need and want with the written word. Contact her for a free consultation.

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What Clients Say About Nancy

From Jeff Walton, author of Final Departure:

"Thank you for doing a superb job on my manuscript! You took a bloated and somewhat disjointed story and polished it into a fine finished work.

As a new writer, I particularly appreciated your willingness to guide, teach and share your craft with me. Your level of service to your clients is a rarity today. I was amazed at the amount of time and effort you put into the editing to make the manuscript a first-class product.

You also have a very positive attitude and great patience – marks of a true professional. Anyone who has the good fortune of hiring you will discover how committed you are to your clients.

You have my unqualified endorsement – you'd be a perfect fit for anyone in need of a top-notch content editor – experienced or novice. I wish you many more years of success, and I look forward to working with you on my next project."

"Working with Nancy Quatrano was a wonderful experience! She took the time to explain the areas I needed to work on and gave me lots of encouragement. I highly recommend."

Judith Leigh, author of A Father’s Hope

"Nancy Quatrano molded, shaped and motivated the final heavy-lifting that this powerful book required. She has become a core member of our family and our team."

Linda S. Stoler, M.A., and Gretchen L. Espinetti, Ph.D, authors of Transforming Your Aging Brain

"Of all my 1o,oo0 Adventures of Minnesota Dan Series books, the work you did on Italy Here I Come: Ciao Bella has made it stand out. I'm getting wonderful comments on this book. Your editing made a huge difference. Thank you. 

Hank Maly, w/a H. R. Maly
Dan's Hands Educational Foundation

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