Why Choose Us


Would you like to polish your work so it shines? Pace your story so that the pages are turned until the last one? Would you like to publish your work? From pen and paper to published book, we just might be the one-stop shopping that you're looking for – all for one reasonable price!

If you're looking for content editing, copy writing, ghost writing, or coaching services, or a powerful, easy-to-use press kit, shop no further! Need a set of press releases that are ready to go? Maybe our micro-publishing imprint, WC Publishing can even help you see your special publishing dreams come true!  We specialize in novella, short story, poetry, holiday, and fund-raising anthologies. And, we've been known to take on longer works that excite us, so let us know if you want to discuss that with us!

We're all professional writers. We know the nightmare stories of poor quality, high fees and disappointment, either first-hand or through our writing communities. We're here to support writers in reaching their dreams, not draining their life savings. My dad always said that anything worth doing is worth doing right – and that's what we all believe here at On-Target Words. My subcontractors and I are all committed to high quality work.

Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, if getting your message across is important to you, then let us help you make your work shine – and get results! 

We know your time is valuable and your work important to you. For a free initial 20 minute consultation, email nancy@ontargetwords.com. No strings attached!