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See your dream come true in hardback, paperback, Kindle, or as an e-book. As publishing assistants, we can assist you to get your book-your dream-published. We specialize in poetry, novelettes and short story collections that are perfect for family memoirs and gifts and fundraising items. Want to write a memoir or looking to discuss longer, full length commercial works as well, our new partners, Legacies and Memories Publishing is ready to serve you. Together, we offer you a one-stop, full service writing experience. And many of our services are also available ala carte, too! If you are interested in getting your work published, we could be the perfect answer for you! 

WC Publishing is an On-Target Words company. We specialize in designing and publishing poetry, novellas and short-story collections, either fiction or non-fiction. These can be perfect for fundrasing or beautiful family gifts. See your dream come true in hard cover, paperback, or ebook formats.  And, our partners, Legacies and Memories Publishing can assist with full length fiction and non-fiction when the project is right! 

MaMiracles of the Blessed Motherybe you've been burned before – or heard the horror stories. If any of these 5 Things to Avoid When Publishing sound familiar, perhaps we're the solution for you!!  

  • Quality of the finished product is/was poor: contained obvious errors, writing was smudged, images unclear
  • Editing, binding, corrections, cover are/were all extra charges on top of your base price to publish (print)
  • You are/were required to buy large quantities of books, tying up major dollars in inventory
  • You are/were required to engage a professional public relations contract prior to publication
  • Your author copy price is/was more expensive than a steak at a Ruth Chris restaurant

If you are interested in getting your maybe-not-so-commercial-style work into publication, we may be right for you! Contact us to discuss your project, today! The first consultation is absolutely FREE!

For short works, we will –  

  • Design and publish your collection for you, up to 50,000 words and 12 illustrations, for $995.00. ($650 retainer, balance upon completion.) NO SURPRISES! This package price includes (1) content edit, (2) copy edits, (3) in-house cover design, (4) copyright application filing instructions, (5) ISBN, and (6) both paperback and ebook formats for your book. (*Manuscript page is 8 ½” x 11”, double spaced, 1” margins all the way around, approx 250 words.) Hardcover and color interiors are available on a case by case basis but may require additional costs for image processing if needed.
  • Membership and subscription plans regarding marketing and publicity will be available to authors later in 2017, along with 3D versions of the cover (72 & 300DPI) for publicity use, if desired.  And, the marketing assistance will be available ala carte, too! ALL packages include initial press release preparation, 2 complimentary copies of the print book and a tutorial regarding a marketing plan and implementation.
  • You can purchase print books through us to hand sell (perfect for fundraisers!) for wholesale plus $.50 per book. This usually works out to be between $6-7 per copy for paperbacks and includes postage and sales tax. No minimum is required, so you don’t have to lay out mega dollars for books to sit in your garage or closet, because we use a print on demand inventory system. Royalty checks will be sent to you for online and website sales once a year in most cases. If sales are outrageous, you’ll get semi-annual payments!  *Hardcovers and specialty books are higher in price and can as high as $12 per copy delivered.
  • You retain the copyrights and all rights to your work; We only require the First North American Rights for your book so we have exclusive permission to publish it. You can terminate your agreement with 60 days written notice.
  • We will continue to sell your books through the website until you tell us in writing that you want us to stop.  All that’s required is a letter and 60 days notice!  
  • While we are not a marketing company, we know this business and have some cost effective plans to help you increase your book sales. We do participate in cooperative advertising which helps keep ad costs down. Book distribution through major aggragators such as Amazon and Ingram is included. Please call us for a no-obligation chat about your marketing goals.  
  • If you’d prefer us to provide bookmarks, postcards, or business cards, we can do that for an additional fee that will include design, print, and shipping costs. In most cases you can do this for less than we can – and we'll show you how!

For books larger or smaller than 50,000 words, please contact us for a custom quote OR referral.

We no longer provide publishing assistance for those who wish to have files formatted (no cover) without any editing, for either print or e-books, but any writer can go to Ingram Spark or to Amazon's Kindle or Createspace for these services, all under $100. Those sites also provide extensive tutorials on how to prepare your work and upload it, too. 

Good luck! 

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